All is vibration. So states the Kybalion. Energy {vibration] is the basis for all things in the known universe.
You are energy, as are rocks, steel, water; everything is based on energy in the form of atoms.
Atoms have a nucleus surrounded by electrons. Viewed as a diagram, atoms look like mini solar systems.
Like our system, empty space comprises most of the area of an atom.

Lose or gain an electron and the element changes its structure slightly and will become a slightly different element.
Lose a boatload of electrons simultaneously and you have the explosion of the Atom bomb, the 2nd most powerful force man
can muster. Fusion or welding of electrons is the power behind the greatest power we can muster {think H bomb},
fusion also powers our sun.

Energy is diagramed on a graph known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Low frequency radio waves are near the bottom
of the scale, visible light is a minute portion near the center of the scale and higher frequency radio and radar waves are
above that. Go even higher (in the invisible spectrum) and you will find X-rays and Gamma rays.

Go beyond the known (or measured) end of the higher frequencies and you are into the range of the metaphysical,
(again Meta = beyond). Metaphysical energy is the realm of the spirit world. Healing energy, the energy of manifestation,
illness and indeed thought itself is the ultra high energy that lies beyond the end of the yardstick we traditionally have thought
of as the electromagnetic spectrum.

Manipulation of this energy (thought) is the basis of healing and how metaphysicians,
(and you, as you create your own future) alter future events. Tuning into this energy and reading it,
(just like a radio receiver does in the lower end of the spectrum) is how psychics “know” things and “see” the future.
Psychics are just more attuned to the higher electromagnetic frequencies then “normal” people.

Why then are many psychics often wrong? Just ask the weatherman. If he says there is an 80% chance of rain,
does it mean it will rain? His prediction is based on reading ever changing variables.
So a psychic’s predictions (like the weatherman’s) get less reliable the farther out (in time) they go.
They also get less precise, for the same reason, changes in variables.

Altering the future sounds like hocus pocus, but when looked at from an energy standpoint it is easier to understand.
Imagine a plane with no rudder. This plane has two engines and two propellers. It is steered by speeding up one engine in
relation to the other, (In fact, twin prop planes are very susceptible to this induced steer if the rpm’s are not synchronized.),.

Suppose a drag is imposed on one engine right from the beginning of its journey.
The plane would turn of its own accord and if the pilot were asleep he would wake to find himself far off course,
requiring a new path to the correct destination. If the drag was induced near the end of the flight, the effect would be negligible.

Meta physical types {in effect} reduce that drag into the engine of the event to be altered.
The energy this takes is in an inverse proportion to the time allotted. If time is short, to change
an event requires more energy then if there is a long lead time.
Removing drag (bad energy) alters the future for the better.
The last sentence is the basis of all of the law of attraction books and seminars.

As I stated: We (all human beings) create our own futures by putting energy into the present which alters
our future. Some of us metaphysical types are just better at this than others. This is the energy principle behind
the two old sayings: “You reap what You sow” and “What goes around, comes around”.

The power to manipulate energy is intoxicating. Some people succumb to the “dark” side of the force.
There is no bad energy per se, just energy. Energy has no intent and so it cannot be bad or good.
Energy follows intent, and the person putting the energy in motion is the bad or good behind it.

Healers use the term bad energy to describe lower vibrations, and because it is a convenient term to explain things
to laymen. Energy can have bad effects, or good effects, but energy itself has no “charge”.
Even the term positive and negative used on batteries is a misnomer is some respects.
It is actually describing the flow direction of the electrons.

Reiki masters, alchemists, energy healers, wiccans, wizards, magicians, and voodoo and santeria practitioners
all are trying to do the same thing; manipulate energy for some result. The result they seek is what
determines whether they are “good” or “bad”.
I leave it up to you to figure out where that leaves the practitioner you may know.

Before something happens, it is sort of constructed in energy form (think in terms of computer modeling),
on one of the upper levels of the astral plane. This is your thought or wish. The farther out it is on the astral,
the farther away (time wise) the event is. As the energy is built and added to; it drops down thru the levels of the astral plane.
If it makes it to the ground floor (the physical 3D plane, where we are) it “happens” and is reality.
Like a comet it may burn out before arrival and never hit the earth. Plans that never reach fruition, relationships
that never get off the ground, ideas that die on the vine are all examples of this.

This movement of energy is the wheel of change. It is Karma itself. If you have “bad” karma, then you are creating
a future that is not auspicious. Begin laying the energy now for good things on upper planes. It may take awhile to arrive,
and the bad events already put in motion will still arrive first, but eventually the wheel of fortune will turn in your favor.
(You tarot readers know about this; One’s future is literally “in the cards”),.

If a person’s will is weak, they cannot or will not sustain the energy to “manifest” their dream,(bring it down to the physical plane).
Show me an achiever, I will show you a person with a strong 3rd chakra, where our will is located.
Events can be altered simply by boosting a person’s will, allowing their life to change.
Altering beliefs can alter what you manifest. Altering beliefs [from an energy point of view] just removes drag from
your internal [manifestation] engine. If you want to be rich, but have a belief the rich all got that way by stepping on others,
and you do not want to step on others, then you have two engines, in opposition. Nothing happens.

Having the ability to manipulate energy directly goes to the core and is very powerful medicine indeed.
Healing then is best done by going right to the sub-atomic level and manipulating the energy that causes disease.
ALL disease is caused by energy. ALL disease starts with dis-ease and then the hyphen drops.
The energy of dis-ease is sometimes easily cured by altering your life, your stress level,
and [most importantly] your beliefs.

Books by Louise Hays detail this better then I can here. I will tell you that I have 3 copies of her
paperback “Heal Your Body”, one of which is always in my vehicle for quick reference.
I use it to narrow down the energies I may need to remove for simple healings.

So, here in a nutshell, you have learned how energy work is basic and simple and powerful.
One who truly understands this energy behind the “seen” world is much like the character “Neo” in the movie “The Matrix”.
Those of us that know these things also know that all things are interconnected, so there is in fact a “matrix” that
governs the laws of what we think of as events, random or otherwise. There is NO co-incidence in the world we live in.

I have not even mentioned the energy manipulation by force of darkness, [spirits and demons] whatever you want
to call them, they do exist. They are powerful and just because you do not believe in them does NOT confer
immunity to them or their effects.

I also have not mentioned how other people’s energy can affect us for good or bad.

There is of course, much more to these subjects, far more than can be discussed here….


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