My Beliefs

Although I am a Shaman, which by definition means I do not follow any organized religion, I do believe in God.
God is incomprehensible for our human mind to grasp in all of his aspects. I say “he” knowing that god is not a he or a she.
God is the energy of both male and female. God is an energy form that assumes the masculine role for the most part.
This is in part because the masculine side is the side of power and action.

I also believe that other gods exist.
The gods that Hindus pray to, Egyptian gods, the gods of the Greeks, all existed and exist today.
Think of these gods as lesser gods, or aspects of the one god. Heaven is a bureaucracy, not a one man show, so to speak.
Using the U.S. government as an example, if the President is God, then the lesser gods are like governors.
There are even city/state gods, much like mayors in our system.
There are also the worker bees of the heavenly system, such as angels, archangels, etc.
There are many layers of these.

The Bible has many things wrong. One has to remember it is a bunch of allegorical stories, written by different writers,
hundreds of years after the events depicted took place. We have stories passed down,
(hearsay evidence, not allowed in our courts) that were translated across several languages.
Many words and terms could not be translated with full certainty of accuracy,
and these were translations of oral stories to begin with. The Bible should be noted for what is NOT in it, as much
as what IS in it. In the year 367 or so, the Bible was revised and many books were thrown out and others added.
At one point there were over 300 versions of the Bible in existence. The Catholic Church demanded they be burned.
To be caught in possession of a banned version was heresy and severely punished.

The fact is: God cannot be neatly boxed into some idea of what we want him to be.
As I said in the first paragraph, we cannot really comprehend all that God is. In some ways he is not all powerful, either.
Because he set up the rules of karma and how earth works he is (in effect) hemmed in by his own rules which he will not violate,
as it will have all kinds of ripple effects. (think “Matrix” here)

I think the whole idea of enlightenment has been botched up.
To be enlightened is not to be all loving and holy and living like a hermit or a yogi.
Enlightenment is to be relieved of your burden of issues and karma. It is the state where you realize who you really are…
Not the “I” of your mind which is not “you” but the soul that inhabits your body.

Just as the U.S government has various agencies, heaven has spirits that handle details.
Your evolution is being watched and recorded, and world events are being manipulated based on the laws of karma.
The old saying “what goes around, come around” applies to world events as well to YOUR individual actions.
As any history buff will tell you, history repeats itself over time. Look at the Roman Empire and the USA today and there
is a similar cycle. Karma is in play on a personal level for every being on the planet, and for nations and groups as a whole.

The pyramid of heaven has many levels. God is at the pinnacle and humans are at lower level.
As you evolve, when you die you will go to a higher level of the pyramid. Life and afterlife is NOT FAIR or equal,
and life is not supposed to be. No amount of PC thought and liberal bullshit will change this fact. Reincarnation is the
process by which you evolve. Each time you come back, hopefully, you will learn new lessons and
move up to the next level when you go to the afterlife.

So on this key aspect, all of the major religions have it wrong, because eternal life is not fixed.
Life for your soul is eternal, but it is not condemned to stay at the level where you may be now.
More importantly, you do NOT get to move up just because you believe and tithed to some 501(c).

Here is a tidbit that may bring some pleasant thoughts to you. When you die, you will go to your appropriate level of the pyramid. Lesser beings (perhaps your idiot brother or thieving cousin or conniving ex) will go to a lesser level and are not allowed to visit
the levels above them. So you will not have to deal with them in the afterlife.

Souls tend to hang out in groups, much like cliques here on earth. This is where you get the term soul mates,
which may be platonic or romantic. Your wife in a past life may come back as a sister or daughter or niece in the next.
They often reincarnate together and make pacts to help each other get thru the harsh life here on earth.
Sometimes souls get in a rut and keep making the same mistakes over and over and do not evolve.
Sometimes they plan to have a soul from a higher level cross their path to help them.

Often, these higher souls were at their level and they knew each other in a past life.
I personally have come across many souls needing help, that I knew in past lives.
I suspect that all true healers have this experience many times in their lifetime(s).
On one level it may be repaying a karmic debt, or it may just be helping a friend.
It is what we (healers) do, our raison d’etre.

Each life is a class, and earth is a very hard harsh classroom. Negative energy is seven times more powerful then
positive energy here. This makes it easy to be bad and hard to be good, but if was too easy, you would never learn anything.
You need resistance (in the form of weight), to build muscles. To build “good” you also need resistance. So if life is a class,
then you should not fear dying. Think of it going on to the next class (after a recess in heaven). Look forward and not backward.
This maxim applies to life in general. Humans resist change and doing so is futile and wastes energy.
Go with the flow and life will be much easier. Be in the “now” don’t live in the past which is over.

I am many lives old and understand the process of reincarnation. My job as a "Shaman"
is to help people along their path in life, so that they evolve and pass the class. I can even help some skip a few levels.
This is not easy and work and consciousness are required.
Even karma can be cleared, but how that is done is not for publication here.
However, clearing karma is like going to court, nothing is assured; and the judges on the
other side cannot be bribed or bought.

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy.
Your thoughts, combined with your energy level and karma will bring you all that you desire, or fear.
It is important to control our thoughts. We are all gods and create our own futures.
Unfortunately, we have no real understanding of the process of creation. Despite the simplistic lines most new-age gurus espouse,
like “think rich and you will be rich”, there is more to it then that. If they were correct, every person who believed they were
going to win tomorrow’s lottery would, in fact, win it. The movie “The Secret” has some of it correct but misses
the other most important element, that which is already in your soul.

If you were born with no bad karma to overcome, your soul would be like a white piece of paper with some black marks on it.
The marks would represent the resistance you felt you needed to overcome, to help you learn your lesson.
Since you are coming into a negative class, those marks will quickly draw more negative weight for you to overcome.

Now it gets interesting. Your life will begin to pick up more black marks. So by the time you are 21 you have a lot to get past.
Some people actually go backwards, dying in a worse karmic state then they came in with.
Their subconscious has become so covered with black marks, it has become defective software.

Going around thinking good thoughts on a conscious level will not override the subconscious processes.
So you will not win the lottery by just believing, or hoping, or praying for that matter.
God is not going to override your predominant energy.

Clearing your subconscious and your wounded soul is what will fix some of the software and get you moving upward.
Time moves us all forward. Only by clearing our issues (and not creating more bad karma) will we move upward.

As you clear your own emotional and psychological issues, your metaphysical energy rises.
Your physical energy also rises; you become more immune to illness, since all disease rises from dis-ease.
This is a just a good side effect. The real benefit is your “inner” energy or “light” rises.
Like a bulb on a dimmer, as it gets turned up, it gets brighter, illuminating your life and making it brighter.
Light drives out darkness. This draws to you better people (with higher [matching] energy).
It also draws good events to you. Good luck is just good energy. Raise your energy and ALL THAT LIFE ENTAILS gets better,
although this is not always in direct linear fashion.

Most organized religions tell you their idea of “living the good life”.
Much of the dogma they espouse is BS and more about power & control and following their rules.
Do you really think God cares how you organize your refrigerator ?
Do you really think he cares if you have sex before marriage ?
Long ago the sacrament of marriage did not exist, so were all ancient people going to hell ?
Organized religions want to be the middle man between you and God, and charge you for it.
I am a middleman also, and you must pay me too (this is a rule of energy exchange) but with a difference.
I was appointed by a higher power, I never wanted it, nor sought it.
And more importantly, I do not want to hold that position in anyone’s life for more then a very short period.
My job, as I see it, is to help people evolve and get to the point that they have the
self esteem to improve their life and evolve upward. I am just a guide to help you get there.

So you are a "Mini God", you are creating your own future.
What are you going to do to make it better?


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